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Environment/Remediation_Institutional_Control_Sites (MapServer)

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Service Description: Institutional Control Sites, (IDEM, 20200402) - Shows 4,061 sites in Indiana on the IDEM Institutional Control Registry, and is provided by personnel of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Office of Land Quality (IDEM, OLQ). Attributes includes closure status, facility name, street address, regulatory programs (IDEM), closure type, IC type, identification numbers (IDEM), control measure notes, affected media, description of restrictions, lists of chemical contaminants, and Web links to online documentation from the IDEM Virtual File Cabinet (VFC). Data are current as of April 2, 2020. The following is excerpted from metadata provided by IDEM: 'The Office of Land Quality (OLQ) uses a system of risk-based closure to address releases of hazardous substances or petroleum. When contamination remains on site or when cleanup has not yet occurred, OLQ may employ a legal or administrative measure called an institutional control. An institutional control protects human health and the environment by restricting property activity, use, or access to minimize exposure to contamination. There are a few different types of institutional controls, but the most common one is the environmental restrictive covenant (ERC). For example, a landowner may agree to not develop a site for residential use and to use it only for commercial or industrial purposes. OLQ provides templates for owners to develop ERCs for different types of sites.' 'The Institutional Controls Registry is not a complete list of all closed or contaminated sites. It includes sites where IDEM has approved a risk-based closure decision that incorporated the placement of land use restrictions or obligations, and solid waste sites that require a deed notice under Article 10 of Title 329 of the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC). IDEM updates it about once per month and includes information such as the site name and location, the IDEM cleanup program overseeing the project, and the types of applicable land use restrictions.' For more information about Institutional Control sites, please visit the following IDEM Web site:

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