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Environment/Waste_Tire_Sites (MapServer)

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Service Description: Waste Tire Sites (IDEM, 20181019) - Shows 101 locations of Waste Tire Program sites within Indiana, and is provided by personnel of Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Office of Land Quality (IDEM, OLQ). Attributes include site names, regulatory identification numbers (IDEM), and address information. Data are current as of October 19, 2018. The following is excerpted from the metadata provided by IDEM, OLQ: "Shows waste tire site locations. Tire Sites contain tires either for processing, for storage, or transport, as well as some illegal tire dumps, as defined by IC 13-11-2-251, IC 13-11-2-252, and IC 13-11-250.5 of the Indiana Code. The layer generally shows the locations of access points to managed sites, along with a unique identifier for each location." "When waste tires are improperly stockpiled or illegally dumped, they trap rainwater and become breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes and rodents. Tire piles can also be a fire hazard. Tire fires are very difficult to extinguish, they release toxic gases into the air and leave behind an oily residue that can pollute streams and ground water. Waste tires need to be transported, processed and stored properly to prevent these problems." For more information about the Waste Tire Program, please visit the following IDEM Web site:

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