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Layer: Wind Speed at 100 m (ID: 0)

Name: Wind Speed at 100 m

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Type: Raster Layer

Geometry Type: null

Description: Mean Wind Speed at Height of 100 Meters above Ground, 2007 (200-meter Grid) - This layer is one of a set of six showing mean wind speeds and mean wind-power densities at various heights above the ground. The layers showing wind speeds are named 'WINDSPD30_IN,' 'WINDSPD50_IN,' 'WINDSPD70_IN,' and 'WINDSPD100_IN.' The layers showing wind-power densities are named 'WINDPWR50_IN' and 'WINDPWR100_IN.' Units of 'wind speed' are 'meters per second.' Units of 'wind-power density' are 'watts per square meter.' Derived from Mesoscale Atmospheric Simulation System and WindMap. The MesoMap system consists of an integrated set of atmospheric simulation models, databases, and computers and storage systems. At the core of MesoMap is MASS (Mesoscale Atmospheric Simulation System), a numerical weather model, which simulates the physics of the atmosphere. MASS is coupled to a simpler wind flow model, WindMap, which is used to refine the spatial resolution of MASS and account for localized effects of terrain and surface roughness. MASS simulates weather conditions over a region for 366 historical days randomly selected from a 15-year period. When the runs are finished, the results are input into WindMap. In this project, the MASS model was run on a grid spacing of 1.7 km and WindMap on a grid spacing of 200 m. Derived from an unpublished report to the Indiana Department of Commerce prepared by TrueWind Solutions, LLC. The title of the report, which is available as a PDF file named 'IndianaWindMappingReport.pdf,' is 'Wind Energy Resource Maps of Indiana.'

Copyright Text: copyright 2011

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