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Geology/Coal_Danville_Mines_Active (MapServer)

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Service Description: Active Mines in the Danville Coal, 2010 (1:24,000) - Shows the location and extent of active surface and underground coal mines in the coal region of west-central and southwestern Indiana that mine the Danville Coal Member. It is attributed to allow the mine polygons to be differentiated based on mine number, mine name, county name, and the mine owner. These data contain information that is related to two additional GIS data sets produced by the Indiana Geological Survey: 1) COAL_MINE_UNDERGROUND_IN: Underground Coal Mines in Indiana (Indiana Geological Survey, 1:24,000, Polygon Shapefile), 2) COAL_MINE_SURFACE_IN: Surface Coal Mines in Indiana (Indiana Geological Survey, 1:24,000, Polygon Shapefile).

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Copyright Text: Indiana Geological Survey

Spatial Reference: 26916  (26916)

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