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Geology/Coal_Data_NCRDS_2014 (MapServer)

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Service Description: Coal Resource Data, 201406 - Shows the locations of 16,282 public coal-resource data points in Indiana, derived from the National Coal Resource Data System (NCRDS). Attributes include location and an ID number for each data point. Detailed location and stratigraphic information for each data point are stored in a separate Microsoft Access database named "NCRDS_Indiana2014.mdb" that is contained in the Indiana Geological Survey Report of Progress 39 - 2014 Update. The Indiana Geological Survey’s Coal Stratigraphic Database 2014 and an ESRI ArcReader interactive application can be purchased from IGS Bookstore: This publication allows users to interactively search, explore, and compare coal stratigraphic data. These data are important for regional coal resource evaluation and can be used by the public, industry, and state and federal governments.

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Copyright Text: Indiana Geological Survey

Spatial Reference: 26916  (26916)

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