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Geology/Coal_Springfield_Elevation (MapServer)

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Service Description: Elevation of the Springfield Coal, 2011 (1:125,000) - Shows contours that define elevation ranges (feet above sea level) of the Springfield Coal Member. It was compiled based on data from the National Coal Resource Data System Database (NCRDS_Indiana2011.mdb) (Indiana Geological Survey, Access Database). Mastalerz, M., and Drobniak, A., 2011, The Indiana Geological Survey Coal Stratigraphic Database: Indiana Geological Survey Report of Progress 39. In the past a series of reports on coal resources of selected counties in Indiana was published as part of the Special Report series of the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS). These reports included maps showing elevation of the Springfield Coal Member (Petersburg Formation, Pennsylvanian). The elevation maps were based on coal-test records, mine-map notations, and interpretations of geophysical logs that are included in the files of the Indiana Geological Survey. Different elevation ranges were utilized in the various counties and for different purposes. Since 1980, staff members of the Indiana Geological Survey have also collected and entered coal resource information into the NCRDS Database as a cooperative project with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The purpose of NCRDS Database is to provide a means of rapid retrieval of point-source coal resource information, including coal location, elevation, depth, and other parameters. Based on all available data as of October 2010, a new map of Springfield Coal Member elevation was created. It is the most current elevation map of the Springfield Coal Member. Because additional data on coal elevations are obtained by the Indiana Geological Survey on an annual basis, interested users may wish to contact the IGS for information on these more up-to-date sources.

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