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Hydrology/Aquifer_Recharge_Near_Surface (MapServer)

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Service Description: Aquifer Recharge Rates (Near surface) - Shows estimated groundwater recharge rates to shallow aquifers in Indiana, with units of inches per year. This raster layer (100-m TIFF) was developed by applying a statistical model to a suite of natural-resource variables. The groundwater recharge data used in the multiple regression analysis were derived from calculations of groundwater baseflow and surface-water runoff for 279 streams in Indiana. Estimates of groundwater base flow were determined using hydrograph separation analysis (Institute of Hydrology, 1980) and were converted to recharge by using estimates of runoff following Wolock (2003). The average annual rate of groundwater recharge (in/year) was used as the dependent variable in a multiple regression analysis using ordinary least squares with several landscape and morphometric independent variables representing geologic, terrain, climate, and hydrogeologic characteristics. These data (along with the associated data layer named Aquifer_Sensitivity_Near_Surface_IN.TIF) were created to support decision making in Indiana where knowledge of groundwater recharge rates and sensitivity to aquifer contamination is desired.

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