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snippet: Lake Bathymetry, 20190417 (IDNR) - Shows bathymetric contours for 164 lakes in Indiana
summary: Lake Bathymetry, 20190417 (IDNR) - Shows bathymetric contours for 164 lakes in Indiana
extent: [[-87.5251957831358,37.9903210004152],[-84.7996834632438,41.7725859844481]]
accessInformation: Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife
thumbnail: thumbnail/thumbnail.png
typeKeywords: ["Data","Service","Map Service","ArcGIS Server"]
description: Lake Bathymetry, 20190417 (IDNR) - Shows bathymetric contours for 164 lakes in Indiana, depicting the depths of the water from the shoreline of each lake as elevation of zero. Contour intervals are 5 feet for most lakes, 2 feet for some. Lakes were surveyed using Biosonics DTX Echosounder surface unit and 200 kHz and 420 kHz transducers. The contour values for some lakes were adjusted to coincide with the legal gauge level of the lake. Bathymetric contours are available for the following 164 lakes in Indiana: 1000 Islands Lake, Adams Lake, Appleman Lake, Attwood Lake, Banning Lake, Barton Lake, Bass Lake, Baugher Lake, Bear Lake, Beaver Dam Lake, Bell Lake, Bethel Pit, Bicentennial Pond, Big Chapman Lake, Big Lake, Big Long Lake, Black Cat Lake, Blue Lake, Bluegrass Lake, Brokesha Lake, Brush Creek Reservoir, Buffalo Trace Lake, Cass Lake, Cattail Pit, Cedar Lake, Cedarville Reservoir, Chrisney Lake, Clear Lake, Cree Lake, Crooked Creek Lake, Crooked Lake, Dale Lake, Dallas Lake, Deam Lake, Decatur County Park Lake, Delaney County Park Lake, Dewart Lake, Dixon Lake, Duck Lake, Elk Creek Lake, Emma Lake, Everett Lake, Ferdinand Old Lake, Ferdinand State Forest Lake, Fletcher Lake, Flint Lake, Gage Lake, Gilbert Lake, Graveyard Lake, Green Lake, Griffy Lake, Hackenburg Lake, Heaton Lak, Henry Lake, Hill Lake, Hindman Lake, Hog Lake, Hudson Lake, Huntingburg Lake, Indian Lake, J C Murphey Lake, James Lake, Jones Lake, Kickapoo Lake, Kiser Lake, Kokomo Reservoir, Koontz Lake, Kuhn Lake, Lake Celina, Lake of the Woods, Lake Salinda, Latta Lake, Lawrence Lake, Lime Lake, Lincoln Lake, Lindsey Lake, Little Barbee Lake, Little Chapman Lake, Little Long Lake, Little Otter Lake, Little Pike Lake, Little Turkey Lake, Long Lake, Loomis Lake, Loon Lake, Lower Long Lake, McClish Lake, McClures Lake, Meserve Lake, Messick Lake, Meteer Lake, Mud Lake, Myers Lake, Nauvoo Lake, New Holland Lake, New Oakland City Lake, North Little Lake, North Twin Lake, Northeast Pond, Nyona Lake, Old Holland Lake, Olinger Lake, Oswego Lake, Otter Lake, Pigeon Pit, Pleasant Lake, Pretty Lake, Prides Creek Lake, Province Pond, Reservoir 26, Riddles Lake, Rider Pond, Robinson Lake, Rockville Lake, Rosser Park Pond, Round Lake, Rupel Lake, Sacarider Lake, Saddle Lake, Sand Lake, Saugany Lake, Scales Lake, Schlamm Lake, Shakamak Lake, Shipshewana Lake, Shock Lake, Silver Lake, Simonton Lake, South Mud Lake, South Twin Lake, Spear Lake, Spring Mill Lake, Springs Valley Lake, Spurgeon Hollow Lake, Starve Hollow Lake, Steinbarger Lake, Stone Lake, Szmanda Lake, Tamarack Lake, Taylor Lake, The Backwaters, Thomas Lake, Tippecanoe Lake, Upper Long Lake, W. Keith Ruble Lake, Waldron Lake, Wall Lake, Waubee Lake, Waveland Lake, Webster Lake, West Boggs Lake, West Lake, West Otter Lake, West Twin Pit, Westler Lake, Westwood Run Lake, Winamac East Pond, Winamac West Pond, Winona Lake, Worster Lake, Yellowwood Lake
title: Lake Bathymetry, 20190417 (IDNR)
type: Map Service
tags: ["IndianaMap","IGWS","Indiana","Hydrology","Water Bodies","IDNR"]
culture: en-US
name: Water_Bodies_Lakes_Bathymetry
guid: BB008A0B-98A0-4E2E-BF91-732198C22ED2
spatialReference: NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_16N