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Service Description: Orthophotography of Indiana, (2018) - Shows orthophotography for nineteen counties and one city in western Indiana, collected during leaf-off conditions in 2018. The imagery is natural-color (4-band) orthophotography, with an established standard resolution of 1-foot.In 2018, fifteen counties chose the standard 1-foot resolution, four counties chose to upgrade to imagery with 6-inch resolution, while one city chose to upgrade to imagery with 3-inch resolution: (1-foot resolution: Benton, Clay, Fountain, Greene, Jasper, LaPorte, Montogomery, Newton, Owen, Parke, Sullivan, Tippecanoe, Vigo, Warran, and White Counties) (6-inch resolution: Allen, Lake, Porter, and Putnam Counties) (3-inch resolution: City of Huntingburg located in Dubois County) From 2016 to 2018, the State of Indiana undertook a 3-year program to acquire orthophotography (4-band RGBI, 1-foot resolution, option to buy up to 6-inch or 3-inch) for the entire state of Indiana. The program divided the state into three acquisition areas: center-portion - 24 counties (2016), eastern-portion - 39 counties (2017), and western-portion - 29 counties (2018). Due to flooding in 2018, 10 of the scheduled 29 counties in southwest Indiana were unable to be flown/acquired. The State of Indiana's contract has extended through December 2019 with Woolpert to accomodate the acquisition, processing, and delivery of these counties (Davies, Dubois, Knox, Martin, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, and Warrick Counties). Please visit the following Web page of the Indiana Spatial Data Portal for more detailed information: ( ).

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Copyright Text: Indiana Office of Information Technology, Indiana University Spatial Data Portal, UITS, Woolpert Inc.

Spatial Reference: 26916  (26916)

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