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Service Description: Naloxone Providers ISDH, 20180226 - Shows the locations of 705 registered Naloxone Entities in Indiana. These registered entities can dispense naloxone to people without a prescription. No prescription is needed. A person seeking naloxone can ask the entity to use the state health commissioner's "Statewide Standing Order." The Statewide Standing Order, authorized by I.C 16-42-27, is renewed each year. Naloxone Entities must at all times remain compliant with Indiana law to act under the Statewide Standing Order, and abide by the attestations made on the optIN Registry website. All entities are also required to provide training for usage of naloxone, as well as to provide other available addictions resources within Indiana. Attribute information includes entity name, address, contact phone, contact email, and website URLs. NOTE: These data (NALOXONE_PROVIDERS_ISDH_IN.SHP) should not be considered completely current, as entities could potentially be added or removed from the registry since the last date of publication (20180226). Further, entities that temporarily run out of naloxone stock are temporarily removed from the live optIN Registry website, and are reinstated when the ISDH is notified that the entity has been resupplied with dosages. For the most current information about Naloxone Entities in Indiana, and other related online resources, please visit the ISDH optIN Registry website ( ). Use the following URL to access the Indiana-Statewide-Naloxone-Standing-Order-Toolkit.PDF, ( ).

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Copyright Text: Indiana State Department of Health, Health Data, Informatics, and Geographics

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