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Pre-Wisconsin Glacial Limit (1:500,000) - Shows the southern-most extent of glaciation in Indiana as delineated by mapped glacial deposits of various types and ages. The mapped units include Pleistocene sediments of glacial origin that are interpreted to have been deposited during multiple episodes of continental glaciation by the North American Laurentide ice sheet. The term 'pre-Wisconsin' is meant to distinguish this glacial limit from that represented in the companion GIS data set of the IGS named 'WISCONSIN_GLACIAL_LIMIT_IN.SHP' which represents the (later or younger) limit of Wisconsin glaciation in Indiana. Digitized from the glacial limit line represented on Plate 1 (1988) of Gray, H. H., 1988, Map of southern Indiana showing geomorphic features relevant to ice marginal relict drainage in Gray, H. H., 1989, Relict drainageways associated with the glacial boundary in southern Indiana: Indiana Geological Survey Special Report 45, 9 p.

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Indiana Geological Survey
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