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Streams, Rivers, Canals, Ditches, Artificial Paths, Coastlines, Connectors, and Pipelines, 20150921 (1:2,400) - Shows streams, rivers, canals, ditches, artificial paths, coastlines, connectors and pipelines in Indiana.This layer is derived from the local-resolution National Hydrography Dataset (NHD), and provides currently available data as of September 21, 2015. NHD data was originally developed at 1:100,000-scale and exists at that scale for the whole country. Also, high-resolution NHD, generally developed at 1:24,000 to 1:12,000 scale, adds detail to the original 1:100,000-scale NHD. The local resolution NHD is developed at 1:2,400 scale, and adds even more detail to the NHD.
PLEASE NOTE, new Stream or River features added as part of this project (i.e. not in the high-resolution NHD) were not assigned an FCode of perennial, intermittent, or ephemeral. These features will have a generic FCode value (46000). Water may or may not be present outside of rain events and may or may not exhibit channelization typically associated with streams.
This dataset is currently incomplete but includes data for the following thirty-one HUC08 subbasins in Indiana: Auglaize (0410007), Blue-Sinking (05140104), Driftwood (05120204), Eel (05120104), Eel (05120203), Flatrock-Haw (05120205), Highland-Pigeon (05140202), Iroquois (07120002), Lower East Fork White (05120208), Lower Great Miami (05080002), Lower Ohio-Little Pigeon (05140201), Lower Wabash (05120113), Lower White (05120202), Middle Wabash-Busseron (05120111), Middle Wabash-Deer (05120105), Middle Ohio-Laughery (05090203), Mississinewa (05120103), Muscatatuck (05120207), Patoka (05120209), Salamonie (05120102), St. Joseph (04050001), St. Joseph-Maumee (04100003), St. Mary’s (04100004), Sugar (05120110), Upper East Fork White (05120206), Upper Great Miami (05080001), Upper Maumee (04100005), Upper White (05120201), Vermillion (05120109), Whitewater (05080003), Wildcat (05120107).

IndianaMap, IGS, Indiana, National Hydrography Dataset, NHD, hydrography, stream, river, canal, ditch, coastline, pipeline, connector, watershed, reach, branch, run, creek, environment, inlandWaters

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