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Water-Well Locations in Indiana, 20190613 (IDNR) - Shows the locations of 414,953 water wells in Indiana that are registerd by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water, as of June 13, 2019. Attributes include identification numbers, URL links to water reports for each well, and information about well capacity if measured. Attributes include the location type (located or estimated), depth of the well, pump rate (gallons per minute), static water level (feet below land surface), and the use of the well. One field contains a link to the full detailed well record. Wells with estimated locations should not be used in hydrologic analyses in which location is a factor; wells with detailed locations represent site-specific characteristics, and those characteristics should not be extrapolated to areas beyond the individual well.

The following is excerpted from metadata documentation provided by IDNR:

"The Division of Water Ground Water Database has approximately 415,000 water well records, and of those, approximately 149,550 have been field located and have known x, y (UTM) coordinates, and approximately 14,800 were located by address. The locations of the remaining records are based on the most precise of county, or Township, Range, Section, quarter sections (TRS) locations available from office locating, which is effectively the centroid of the smallest known section or quarter sections; thus, increasing the amount of data available for display and analysis in a GIS format. This dataset and associated table has selected fields from the main digital water well database that are typically needed for most research. Updated June 13, 2019."

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Indiana Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Geological Survey
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