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Building Footprints (Microsoft), 20190211 - Shows 3,268,325 building footprints in Indiana. It was produced from data originally created by Microsoft in June 2018 for all 50 U.S. states. Attribute fields showing building footprint perimeter length and area were added (software computed by Esri) by IGWS personnel after the conversion and reprojection of the Microsoft download file named "Indiana.GeoJSON" to an Esri polygon feature class.

The following is excerpted from Microsoft's GitHub "USBuildingFootprints" Web page:
"Our metrics show that in the vast majority of cases the quality is at least as good as data hand digitized buildings in OpenStreetMap. It is not perfect, particularly in dense urban areas but it is still awesome. The vintage of the footprints depends on the vintage of the underlying imagery. Because Bing Imagery is a composite of multiple sources it is difficult to know the exact dates for individual pieces of data. While our metrics show that this data meets or exceeds the quality of hand drawn building footprints, the data does vary in quality from place to place, between rural and urban, mountains and plains, and so on. Inspect quality locally and discuss an import plan with the community."
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Microsoft (Bing Maps Team)
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