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Broadband - Wireline and Wireless Coverage, 2013 (Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and Service Providers, Polygon Feature class, 1:500,000) - Shows broadband wireline and wireless coverage in Indiana, provided by personnel of Indiana Office of Technology (IOT). Data current as of October 22, 2013. The term "wireline" includes the following techologies: AxDSL, DSL, Cable, and Fiber. The term 'wireless' includes the following techologies: Terrestrial Fixed Wireless - Unlicensed, Terrestrial Fixed Wireless - Licensed, and Terrestrial Mobile Wireless. This data represents work in progress and will be continually improved over time. Long-term plans include adding information about service provider name, type of technology used to provide service, and data transmission speed. How can you help? If you would like to assist in verifying and updating this beta product, please visit the following Web URL:

IndianaMap, IGS, Indiana, broadband, wireline, DSL, Cable, Fiber, wireless, terrestrial fixed wireless - unlicensed, terrestrial fixed wireless - licensed, terrestrial mobile wireless, boundaries

Indiana Office of Technology (IOT), (Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, and Service Providers
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