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Wind Turbine Locations (USGS), 20181008 - Shows the locations of utility-scale wind turbines within Indiana, as of October 8, 2018. The data were extracted from the original source data of the "United States Wind Turbine Database" (USWTDB_v1_2_20181001.SHP, ver 1.2, October 2018). Attributes include federal program identification numbers, date of first operational power production, technical specifications and size of the turbine, project names and information, turbine and total project capacity, and imagery basemaps used to visually inspect and adjust final locational positions.

The following is excerpted from metadata provided by the USGS:
"The purpose of this information is to provide a regularly updated, publicly available, spatially referenced, national dataset made up almost entirely of utility-scale wind turbine locations and their technical specifications. An appropriate use of the data would be for scientific analysis, research or for general interest for the public. Identification of turbines that have been retrofitted, repowered, decommissioned, and/or removed is a continual ongoing effort; thus, the dataset may contain turbines that were previously verified and subsequently removed."
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